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Union Co., Ohio, USA



Latitude: 40.3051, Longitude: -83.3745


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Arlou Gertrude  19 Oct 1904Union Co., Ohio, USA I19319
2 Ferguson, Minnie  23 Feb 1870Union Co., Ohio, USA I68170
3 Ferguson, Ollo  1882Union Co., Ohio, USA I21685
4 Ferguson, Otis  4 Dec 1878Union Co., Ohio, USA I68172
5 Ferguson, Otto  8 Nov 1875Union Co., Ohio, USA I68171
6 Ferguson, William Thomas  1865/1892Union Co., Ohio, USA I68182
7 Ferguson, Winona  1865/1892Union Co., Ohio, USA I68169
8 Langstaff  9 Jul 1902Union Co., Ohio, USA I19321
9 Langstaff, Amanda J.  Abt 1844Union Co., Ohio, USA I55886
10 Langstaff, Anna May  10 May 1870Union Co., Ohio, USA I24346
11 Langstaff, Anne E.  Abt 1851Union Co., Ohio, USA I68123
12 Langstaff, Charles W.  2 Dec 1861Union Co., Ohio, USA I24352
13 Langstaff, Edward Lawrence  15 Nov 1866Union Co., Ohio, USA I2301
14 Langstaff, Emory E.  1910Union Co., Ohio, USA I36776
15 Langstaff, Ethel D.  Sep 1884Union Co., Ohio, USA I19466
16 Langstaff, Guy W.  1883Union Co., Ohio, USA I19469
17 Langstaff, Helen  1905Union Co., Ohio, USA I19314
18 Langstaff, Helen L.  1903Union Co., Ohio, USA I19320
19 Langstaff, Herbert  6 Feb 1904Union Co., Ohio, USA I19315
20 Langstaff, James Chalmers  13 Jan 1864Union Co., Ohio, USA I24347
21 Langstaff, James Kendrick  5 Mar 1858Union Co., Ohio, USA I55882
22 Langstaff, James O.  21 May 1857Union Co., Ohio, USA I55879
23 Langstaff, Lana A.  Abt 1832Union Co., Ohio, USA I55888
24 Langstaff, Lemuel  1838Union Co., Ohio, USA I55887
25 Langstaff, Lester  1876Union Co., Ohio, USA I60786
26 Langstaff, Lois Lalla  23 Feb 1896Union Co., Ohio, USA I19473
27 Langstaff, Lottie  1875Union Co., Ohio, USA I60789
28 Langstaff, Malinda  Abt 1900Union Co., Ohio, USA I19468
29 Langstaff, Margaret  Abt 1841Union Co., Ohio, USA I55883
30 Langstaff, Martha  Abt 1849Union Co., Ohio, USA I55885
31 Langstaff, Martha D.  Jan 1880Union Co., Ohio, USA I60784
32 Langstaff, Minnie  1873Union Co., Ohio, USA I24349
33 Langstaff, Oscar  1840Union Co., Ohio, USA I55884
34 Langstaff, Paul N.  1902Union Co., Ohio, USA I36777
35 Langstaff, Richard Judson  17 Oct 1898Union Co., Ohio, USA I19470
36 Langstaff, Seth McCune  6 Feb 1904Union Co., Ohio, USA I2302
37 Langstaff, William Harris  1850Union Co., Ohio, USA I55880
38 Love, Herschel Smith  10 Mar 1877Union Co., Ohio, USA I68174
39 McAllister, Beneat O.  Dec 1852Union Co., Ohio, USA I72922
40 McAllister, Cassius R.  24 Mar 1856Union Co., Ohio, USA I25806
41 McAllister, Ernest O.  14 Oct 1858Union Co., Ohio, USA I25865
42 McAllister, Ida V.  18 Oct 1861Union Co., Ohio, USA I72911
43 McAllister, Luther E.  21 May 1854Union Co., Ohio, USA I72908
44 McAllister, Olintha E.  29 Jan 1851Union Co., Ohio, USA I72921
45 Stoufer, Laura  10 Aug 1880Union Co., Ohio, USA I2220
46 Sweeney, Richmond Carrington  18 Sep 1896Union Co., Ohio, USA I10622
47 Sweeney, Thomas Shields  19 Dec 1894Union Co., Ohio, USA I6824


Matches 1 to 50 of 53

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nellie M.  1928Union Co., Ohio, USA I19467
2 Allen, Arlou Gertrude  Aug 1979Union Co., Ohio, USA I19319
3 Boylan, Lana Ann  12 May 1877Union Co., Ohio, USA I60653
4 Dixon, Catherine B.  8 Jun 1892Union Co., Ohio, USA I24344
5 Ferguson, Minnie  9 Sep 1871Union Co., Ohio, USA I68170
6 Ferguson, Otis  23 Dec 1878Union Co., Ohio, USA I68172
7 Ferguson, Otto  24 Feb 1877Union Co., Ohio, USA I68171
8 Ferguson, William H.  1911Union Co., Ohio, USA I72867
9 Jones, Callie A.  1915Union Co., Ohio, USA I36778
10 Jones, Sarah Anna  17 Oct 1900Union Co., Ohio, USA I19317
11 Langstaff  10 Jul 1902Union Co., Ohio, USA I19321
12 Langstaff, Anna May  14 Sep 1871Union Co., Ohio, USA I24346
13 Langstaff, Asa  17 Feb 1911Union Co., Ohio, USA I32645
14 Langstaff, Charles W.  2 Feb 1862Union Co., Ohio, USA I24352
15 Langstaff, Edward Lawrence  1915Union Co., Ohio, USA I2301
16 Langstaff, Elmus Wheaton  12 Dec 1917Union Co., Ohio, USA I36860
17 Langstaff, Emory E.  1929Union Co., Ohio, USA I36776
18 Langstaff, G. Henry  1860Union Co., Ohio, USA I36865
19 Langstaff, Glendora C.  1865Union Co., Ohio, USA I68124
20 Langstaff, Guy W.  1956Union Co., Ohio, USA I19469
21 Langstaff, Helen  1905Union Co., Ohio, USA I19314
22 Langstaff, Helen L.  1903Union Co., Ohio, USA I19320
23 Langstaff, Herbert  Mar 1904Union Co., Ohio, USA I19315
24 Langstaff, James Chalmers  1940Union Co., Ohio, USA I24347
25 Langstaff, James Harris  11 Aug 1869Union Co., Ohio, USA I36731
26 Langstaff, James Kendrick  1939Union Co., Ohio, USA I55882
27 Langstaff, James O.  3 Feb 1858Union Co., Ohio, USA I55879
28 Langstaff, John E.  1945Union Co., Ohio, USA I72860
29 Langstaff, Judson  19 Mar 1890Union Co., Ohio, USA I72863
30 Langstaff, Lana Ann  1936Union Co., Ohio, USA I68125
31 Langstaff, Lemuel  4 Aug 1922Union Co., Ohio, USA I55887
32 Langstaff, Lester  1896Union Co., Ohio, USA I60786
33 Langstaff, Lois Lalla  Jan 1984Union Co., Ohio, USA I19473
34 Langstaff, Lottie  1875Union Co., Ohio, USA I60789
35 Langstaff, Malinda  19 Jul 1901Union Co., Ohio, USA I19468
36 Langstaff, Minnie  1951Union Co., Ohio, USA I24349
37 Langstaff, Mollie B.  1874Union Co., Ohio, USA I36867
38 Langstaff, Oliver E.  1912Union Co., Ohio, USA I36779
39 Langstaff, Paul N.  1902Union Co., Ohio, USA I36777
40 Langstaff, Richard Judson  May 1978Union Co., Ohio, USA I19470
41 Langstaff, Seth McCune  Sep 1970Union Co., Ohio, USA I2302
42 Langstaff, William A.  1916Union Co., Ohio, USA I68126
43 Lockhart, Hannah  31 Jan 1899Union Co., Ohio, USA I19316
44 Magingo, Isabel  1915Union Co., Ohio, USA I19479
45 McAllister, Beneat O.  Feb 1853Union Co., Ohio, USA I72922
46 McAllister, Ernest O.  19 Feb 1859Union Co., Ohio, USA I25865
47 Murphy, Minnie  28 Apr 1961Union Co., Ohio, USA I24343
48 Norman, Elizabeth Jane  1910Union Co., Ohio, USA I36861
49 Rhodes, Sarah  1871Union Co., Ohio, USA I36871
50 Richards, Tabitha  1961Union Co., Ohio, USA I29553

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Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dickson / Langstaff  18 May 1868Union Co., Ohio, USA F22936
2 Ferguson / Langstaff  17 Feb 1868Union Co., Ohio, USA F24505
3 Langstaff / Beach  28 Nov 1864Union Co., Ohio, USA F12350
4 Langstaff / Finley  2 Dec 1877Union Co., Ohio, USA F24506
5 Langstaff / Lockhart  17 Nov 1858Union Co., Ohio, USA F10877
6 Langstaff / McCune  28 Aug 1901Union Co., Ohio, USA F781
7 Langstaff / Murphy  27 Oct 1892Union Co., Ohio, USA F8065
8 Langstaff / Richards  Abt 1894Union Co., Ohio, USA F24504
9 Langstaff / Southard  26 Jun 1862Union Co., Ohio, USA F18700
10 Langstaff / Watson  1 Dec 1881Union Co., Ohio, USA F18699
11 Langstaff / Webster  5 Nov 1873Union Co., Ohio, USA F22937
12 Love / Ferguson  10 Mar 1901Union Co., Ohio, USA F22957
13 McAllister / Langstaff  16 Jan 1850Union Co., Ohio, USA F20380
14 Monson / Langstaff  23 Dec 1877Union Co., Ohio, USA F9835
15 Morrow / Langstaff  22 Feb 1866Union Co., Ohio, USA F20379
16 Norris / Langstaff  29 Mar 1863Union Co., Ohio, USA F22938
17 Richards / Langstaff  31 May 1860Union Co., Ohio, USA F20378
18 Stone / Langstaff  18 May 1868Union Co., Ohio, USA F22935
19 Stoufer / Langstaff  28 Oct 1866Union Co., Ohio, USA F20381
20 Watt / Langstaff  23 Sep 1885Union Co., Ohio, USA F9836