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Davidson Co., NC



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Briggs, Polly  Abt 1812Davidson Co., NC I54284
2 Burkhead, Ann Burris  11 May 1829Davidson Co., NC I48095
3 Burkhead, Frances W.  13 Jul 1826Davidson Co., NC I48047
4 Burkhead, Lingrum S.  17 May 1824Davidson Co., NC I19659
5 Burkhead, Nancy R.  20 Mar 1832Davidson Co., NC I47968
6 Gaddis, Margaret  Abt 1793Davidson Co., NC I48030
7 Harris  Abt 1838Davidson Co., NC I18159
8 Harris, Angeline Mariah  1855Davidson Co., NC I18867
9 Harris, Caroline  29 Jul 1848Davidson Co., NC I50271
10 Harris, Dolsey Ann  17 Oct 1827Davidson Co., NC I47830
11 Harris, Elizabeth Ann  1823Davidson Co., NC I45984
12 Harris, Elizabeth R.  1834Davidson Co., NC I8815
13 Harris, Emsley  1822Davidson Co., NC I13217
14 Harris, Emsley Lee  1840Davidson Co., NC I9011
15 Harris, Frances  1826Davidson Co., NC I52252
16 Harris, Frances  Abt 1827Davidson Co., NC I30583
17 Harris, Frances Eveline  1841Davidson Co., NC I50397
18 Harris, Frederick Nash  25 Aug 1824Davidson Co., NC I70977
19 Harris, George  12 Oct 1835Davidson Co., NC I48115
20 Harris, Hammet J.  1826Davidson Co., NC I18725
21 Harris, Jesse M.  Abt 1836Davidson Co., NC I64411
22 Harris, Jesse Sutton  Abt 1829Davidson Co., NC I30669
23 Harris, Jesse Winburn  6 Jan 1832Davidson Co., NC I9004
24 Harris, John Ward  1837Davidson Co., NC I41051
25 Harris, Lundy P.  9 Feb 1830Davidson Co., NC I9005
26 Harris, Mary Ann  1828Davidson Co., NC I23080
27 Harris, Miranda E  1843Davidson Co., NC I9010
28 Harris, Molinda  Abt 1832Davidson Co., NC I5801
29 Harris, Nancy Adeline  1845Davidson Co., NC I9009
30 Harris, Ransom C.  1826Davidson Co., NC I42982
31 Harris, Sanuel Harwood  6 Aug 1846Davidson Co., NC I50146
32 Harris, Tabitha  Abt 1824Davidson Co., NC I36856
33 Harris, Tapheny  16 Jun 1825Davidson Co., NC I45763
34 Harris, Thomas Douglass  15 Oct 1841Davidson Co., NC I24064
35 Harris, Thomas Dow  8 Sep 1827Davidson Co., NC I5171
36 Harris, Thomas Dudley  Nov 1821Davidson Co., NC I25884
37 Harris, Thomas Jefferson  3 Jul 1832Davidson Co., NC I35322
38 Harris, Turner Mc.  1 Nov 1829Davidson Co., NC I47894
39 Harris, William  1833Davidson Co., NC I70275
40 Harris, William Giles  18 Jul 1843Davidson Co., NC I50520
41 Harris, William Otho  20 Sep 1828Davidson Co., NC I69453


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Daniel, Woodson  6 Sep 1903Davidson Co., NC I60326
2 Harris, Emsley  Oct 1846Davidson Co., NC I28169
3 Harris, George Washington  16 Mar 1843Davidson Co., NC I25051
4 Harris, Jesse  1833Davidson Co., NC I67577
5 Harris, Ransom  3 Jul 1841Davidson Co., NC I5942
6 Harris, Turner  9 Mar 1876Davidson Co., NC I47523
7 Harris, William H.  20 Dec 1875Davidson Co., NC I17464


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harris / Finch  19 Dec 1824Davidson Co., NC F5788
2 Harris / Hedrick  14 Apr 1844Davidson Co., NC F23884
3 May / Harris  27 Apr 1844Davidson Co., NC F14408
4 Tucker / Harris  14 Jul 1833Davidson Co., NC F13284