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California, USA



Latitude: 37.25, Longitude: -118.7334

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Volkers, Henry Edward  17 Jun 1891California, USA I68444
2 Valenzuela, Julianna  Abt 1854California, USA I67237
3 Turner, Lillian Elsie  17 Feb 1858California, USA I24413
4 Turner, James T  12 Nov 1908California, USA I68451
5 Taylor, Bertha Maude  30 Nov 1884California, USA I65825
6 Studer, Wilbur I.  16 Jun 1906California, USA I24471
7 Studer, Katharina J.  1872California, USA I1635
8 Studer, James Lockhart  27 Oct 1879California, USA I1907
9 Studer, Henry William  23 Aug 1874California, USA I1913
10 Studer, Christian F. Keral  1883California, USA I1720
11 Studer, Cassandra Elizabeth  10 Sep 1876California, USA I1715
12 Stack, Virginia M.  4 Oct 1881California, USA I55643
13 Sorrels, Henry  1875California, USA I60399
14 Smith, Shirley Russell  29 Aug 1900California, USA I2977
15 Smith, Orrie  1895California, USA I2975
16 Smith, Elizabeth "Betty" Jane  4 Jun 1923California, USA I1927
17 Shattuck, Mattie E.  23 Dec 1879California, USA I24447
18 Shattuck, Edwin  8 Feb 1873California, USA I24420
19 Shattuck, David Edward  23 Jul 1875California, USA I24341
20 Sanders, Leila Ivy  19 Mar 1885California, USA I24541
21 Salazar, Francisco  1858California, USA I68148
22 Robertson, Moye  1896California, USA I75243
23 Riegelhuth, Laura Ann  4 May 1887California, USA I66813
24 Riegelhuth, Cathyrine Emily  16 Nov 1890California, USA I70837
25 Read, Myrtle Julia  21 May 1899California, USA I10946
26 Pohl, Louis Charles  27 Oct 1896California, USA I55588
27 Pohl, Earl G  28 Nov 1900California, USA I68427
28 Palmer, Abraham B.  Apr 1864California, USA I60392
29 Otero, Leopolio P  Jan 1870California, USA I57707
30 Newmann, Forest Valentine Jr  14 Feb 1896California, USA I75490
31 Nelson, Carmelita Inez  16 Aug 1896California, USA I75340
32 Nagel, Margaret Dorthy  10 Sep 1892California, USA I1718
33 Muir, Thomas Henry  30 Oct 1876California, USA I10925
34 Muir, Maud Lucinda  9 Aug 1881California, USA I62983
35 Morrill, Charles W  17 Dec 1914California, USA I75318
36 Montfort, Eva Fuller  Abt 1883California, USA I24417
37 McCumber, John Ernest  12 Oct 1882California, USA I68476
38 Matheson, Isabella Jeanette "Nettie"  2 Nov 1876California, USA I24376
39 Maestretti, Wesley H  7 Sep 1904California, USA I69298
40 Maestretti, Josephine A  14 Mar 1900California, USA I69296
41 Maestretti, George Arthur  1 Nov 1897California, USA I69295
42 Maestretti, Emma Frances  6 Sep 1892California, USA I69293
43 Maestretti, Alfred Eustace  2 Dec 1901California, USA I69297
44 Leahy, Eleanora Nancy  16 Mar 1899California, USA I68371
45 Jones, Sybilla  Abt 1895California, USA I78046
46 Jones, Minnie  Abt 1869California, USA I69338
47 Jones, John S  Abt 1860California, USA I78044
48 Jones, Hattie  Abt 1864California, USA I69337
49 Johnston, Vada Alfreda  24 Mar 1902California, USA I24439
50 Johnston, Arthur Nathaniel  8 Aug 1906California, USA I68466

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Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Valenzuela, Richard Roy "Dickie"  6 Mar 2007California, USA I75264
2 Trejo, Maria Angela  Jan 1803California, USA I67965
3 Studer, Katharina J.  1882California, USA I1635
4 Studer, Christian F. Keral  1895California, USA I1720
5 Smith, Donald Fontaine  12 Dec 2012California, USA I76298
6 Slavins, Virginia  Bef 1870California, USA I24385
7 Quigley, James Robert  1940California, USA I68487
8 Ortiz, Roberto  14 Aug 1947California, USA I70169
9 Ortiz, Marion Concepcion "Chona"  California, USA I70192
10 Ortiz, Armida O  14 Aug 1965California, USA I70196
11 Ortiz, Anita  6 Aug 1963California, USA I70193
12 Orr, Andrew J  1914California, USA I55101
13 Montfort, Eva Fuller  1921California, USA I24417
14 McKeen, Lavinia  1938California, USA I78463
15 Matejcek, Mary Elizabeth  9 Dec 2016California, USA I76150
16 Lund, William S  California, USA I71380
17 Ledbetter, Alabama "Allie"  1892California, USA I16294
18 Leahey, Ethel  6 Nov 1969California, USA I62723
19 Herndon, Anne Tremlette  17 Jun 1883California, USA I56010
20 Good, George  1951California, USA I75757
21 Fuller, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1881California, USA I68590
22 Figueroa, Jose Luiz (Louis)  19 Feb 1992California, USA I70122
23 Evans, James  Bef 1860California, USA I24389
24 Evans, Ida May  Bef 14 May 1906California, USA I24399
25 Evans, Franklin Pierce  2 Oct 1936California, USA I24387
26 Evans, Bessie L  California, USA I68704
27 Dandridge, Lottie Louise  22 Jun 1955California, USA I70709
28 Craven, William Wayne  15 Jun 1996California, USA I79133
29 Buckner, Luther Arthur  31 Jan 1899California, USA I69109
30 Brown, Sidney William  1857California, USA I69179
31 Brown, Roberta Lee  12 Apr 1931California, USA I70749
32 Brown, Robert Borgfeldt  1967California, USA I71378
33 Brockman, John R  California, USA I77001
34 Blumenthal, Donald Laurence  14 Feb 2017California, USA I1644
35 Arnaz, Madeline Jane Dee  7 Aug 2003California, USA I78189
36 Alviso, Domingo  11 Mar 1777California, USA I67964


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Newvine, Lloyd Donald  20 Jan 1977California, USA I75346


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Bertha Maude  30 Nov 1885California, USA I65825
2 Studer, Cassandra Elizabeth  Sep 1872California, USA I1715
3 Studer, Cassandra Elizabeth  Sep 1872California, USA I1715
4 Riegelhuth, Laura Ann  May 1888California, USA I66813
5 Housh, Clara Catherine  1873California, USA I24327
6 Gordon, Robert Chester  May 1893California, USA I35380
7 Bailard, Maynard Ober  May 1885California, USA I71002
8 Bailard, Maynard Ober  20 Apr 1885California, USA I71002
9 Bailard, Maynard Ober  20 Apr 1884California, USA I71002


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    NaturalizationDeclaration    Person ID 
1 Peralta, Gabriel Maria  16 May 1918California, USA I57746
2 Peralta, Gabriel Maria  1 Dec 1909California, USA I57746
3 Parker, Gertrude Stewart  5 Mar 1928California, USA I77195
4 Lefebvre, Eugene Arthur  22 Apr 1935California, USA I62477


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    NaturalizationPetition    Person ID 
1 Perez, Patricio Yuteraldi  17 Dec 1935California, USA I57742
2 Peralta, Gabriel Maria  13 Jan 1921California, USA I57746
3 Marega, Victor Michael  15 Oct 1931California, USA I57732
4 Lefebvre, Joseph Alexander Louis  1928California, USA I75979


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Swasey, Kathleen Patricia  1971California, USA I78390
2 Lefevre, Louis Joseph  30 Mar 1943California, USA I75992
3 Lefebvre, Eugene Arthur  17 Mar 1938California, USA I62477
4 Lefebvre, Eugene Arthur  22 Apr 1935California, USA I62477
5 Goodall, Jerome Anthony  16 Apr 1945California, USA I1793
6 Evans, Thomas William  1942California, USA I68660
7 Brockman, John R  1865California, USA I77001


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 Roetnor, George Herold  7 Nov 1890California, USA I1815


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ridsdale / Boyles  Abt 1924California, USA F9217
2 Palmquist / Peralta  Abt 1942California, USA F25429
3 Otero / Thompson  20 Jun 1948California, USA F19852
4 Ortiz / Valenzuela  1870California, USA F23129
5 Neff / Locke  18 Mar 1885California, USA F23666
6 Muir / Crump  Cal 1881California, USA F21108
7 McCune / Otero  20 Jan 1933California, USA F19953
8 Maule / Stevens   F26034
9 Lund / Disney  1969California, USA F24179
10 Etter / Henebry  Abt 1958California, USA F25876
11 Curran / Blake   F19985
12 Celaya / Ortiz  Abt 1888California, USA F23130